Taste One

2021 (Revised 2023)

Individual Project

#Brand Campaign

TasteOne thrives to create a platform that provides solution for solo-diners.

From inspirations in single portion cooking to the entirety of the solo-dinning lifestyle, we provide the most nutritional and delicious recipes, and generates inspiration for a more self-loving lifestyle.

Through customized mealkit, recipe app and in-person cooking workshops, we attempt to turn cooking for these individuals into an enjoyable and easy process, creating food that satisfies both the stomach and the heart.

A Focus on Solo-Diners

“46% of adult eating occasions are now solitary”*

With the increase in demand of spending quality time alone, solo-dinning is developing as
a world wide trend amongst individuals in the younger population.

*Hartman group, 2020 US Food-Centric Market Research Team

Target Problems

Consumer Profiles

Brand Keywords

Visual Identity

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The Online Experience – TasteOne App

Includes an phone app filled with solo dining friendly recipes, customized meal kits ordering and a friendly online community that encourages solo-diners to share and connect.

The In-person Experience – Cooking Studio

To create more possibilities a cooking studio with regular professional chef classes will also be part of the TasteOne brand.

Meal Kit Packaging 


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