Exploring geometric shapes, balanced forms and smooth finishing

001 Box

First week of working with solid wood and exploring how soft geometric forms can be shaped into a box.

002 Five Coasters

Exploration on creating patterns with spare wood pieces I got from my bedframe. Turned them into a series of coasters for new home.

003 Laser cut Guitar stand

This week I spent alot of time creating files to cut a sturdy piece of structure for my guitar. Made a smaller and larger variation of the pieces and lined the edges with felt to prevent scratches.

004 Enclosure

An wooden box designed to fit all my coasters! Hoping the box itself has a sculptural structure where each open section can show varying characteristics of the wood patterned coasters.

005 Tea Table

Using rocks and a panel of wood from my previous assignemnts, this continues the style in material in my series of work but breaks the boundaries of theme exploration with the use of rocks. The organic rough texture of rocks balances the stiffness ofthe table top, creating balance in form and shape.
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