Visual Identity + UI Elements design

Original Game created by Will Park

#UI/UX Design
#Visual design

“Incantlas is a VR magic casting game with hand tracking as the main interface. Featuring an innovative body position-based locomotion system.

The game comes in 2 main modes: Story and Arena mode. The Story mode has linear gameplay in which the player has to solve puzzles and battle enemies to progress through the world. The Arena mode on the other hand is battle-focused in which after learning spells the player has to fight through waves of enemies. “

My responsibilities include:  Logo & Visual Identity, Posters, Brochures, and In-game UI elements.

Logo & Visual identity


Exhibition Brochure

In-game tutorial images

Recreated in game tutorial panels so players can have a better understanding of game mechanics.
Close attention in details was paid to the conciseness and clarity of format, content and illustration.

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