Folding Realms 

Individual project


The ideals of Chinese gardens are created under the philosophy of the boundless universe. The constant change of viewing sceneries in the garden creates a visual portal into the explorations of alternative dimensions and spatial possibilities. The interplay of stillness and movement, hide and reveal, the depths and shallows, creates a dynamic composition of constant transformation.

Can we imagine alternative dimensions through classical Chinese gardens? Using the apple as a point of familiarity to discover multiple ways of seeing, the ideals of Taoist Cosmology’s belief in an ever-changing and harmonious universe begin to interact with the modern scientific concept of spatial dimensions.

Step into this interactive series to explore space, philosophy and the universe through an Apple.

Part I: Everchanging Sceneries of Chinese Garden

A collection of 10 interactable “apples” that captures the sceneries of a Classical Chinese Garden

Part II:  Theories of Taoist Cosmology and Spatial Dimensions

The booklet acts as a guide book to allow open interpretation of the object, the philosophy and the visual forms.

Part III :  Traditional Garden Structures

These half transparent structures acts as “walls” in the architectural sense of the garden creating endless variations in visual compositions.

As you move the structures around, interpret the charm spatial dimensions in a Classical Chinese Garden. 

This project won Design 360’s Annual grad
For additional information about the background research and process, feel free to contact me through email.
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