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Group Project with Will Park

#Virtual Reality 
#Immersive Experience

How can we innovate cultural experiences through technology?

Acu-Hub introduces a new way of interacting with the Chinese medicinal practice of acupressure in a concise way.  By utilizing VR hand tracking as a method of approach, users are able to gain knowledge on this traditional practice and get an idea of the status of their own body’s health.

Introduction to Hand acupressure

Hand acupressure is form of traditional chinese pratice that uses their fingers, or special devices to apply pressure to certain points on the body’s meridan. It can be viewed as an alternative appraoch to acupuncture and also be used as a amature way of body diagnostics.

Research and Approach

The chinese medical study of acupoints on the body is a complex study, with help from Chinese medicinal experts and scientific research, we were able to classify the relationship between acupoints on the hand, Wu-Xing and human organs.

The VR experience

Experience diagram

Select organ                                          
 Press acu-point on hand                     
 Answer “is it sore?”

Stylistic Overview

Information Panels

Video demo:

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